Seven (7) NIW parkerized 20rd Norinco M1A magazines.

Bought this pack of seven mags years back when I was collecting the parts to have an M1A built.
Turns out, the receiver (FedOrd) was one of their POS that was so out of spec that I sold it, and the rest of the parts.
These were lost in the shuffle of moving, and I just found them while I was cleaning out some boxes in the basement.

Six are covered in cosmoline, and wrapped in wax/parchment(?) paper, as-is from the factory. One came unwrapped
from the paper, but it's still covered in cosmoline. This one is marked "OM" - been told that Norinco had copied them from
their Vietnam captures, down to the markings. Don't know for certain - maybe this is an original. I don't know.

Obviously never used them, but I've been told by other M1A shooters that they're just as good as GI mags, quality-wise.

$220 shipped, USPS Money Order only unless you want to FTF, then it's $210.
(Send me a Mom & Pop MO, I'll return it snail-mail and put back up for sale.)

E-mail is best way to contact.

No returns.