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Thread: AR and AK for Sale to Gunco Members ONLY!

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    yeah I'd keep them both, just send them to a friend out of state.. Oregon Utah Nevada Arizona are easily in driving distance.. and you can go shoot them in the free state.. if you wish.. Other option is get a replacement OFF LIST LOWER for the AR at some point..and just swap out the upper.. on the AR..maybe even work out a trade for the bushy for a OLL...receiver... that is what I'd work on... even the MAK 90's receiver could be swapped out also.. and they's be CAl legal with bullet button and 10 rd mags.. B2B

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    hell i got one DPMS that a guy slightly scuffed up--i would trade for the bushy if it is legal -and pay a little boot-- on top cause the DPMS has some cosmetic issues.

    it runs perfect though. the trigger is even good!

    it is the older a-15 -- i think they are off list--but not sure--
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    Bellson, as and fellow gun lover and X dealer why don't you do what a lot of Californians have done and find a Gunco member or storage facility in Nevada. You have been an member here for years and I can't believe your just going to ( Excuse the term ) sell out.
    If I lived in Nevada I'd store them for you for free, maybe I'm all wet in making these suggestions but it's something to think about.

    Sorry I went off half cocked, guns are in Tx.
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    Please guys read the post... the guns are in Texas.

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