WTB Uberti 1859 Sharps reproduction
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Thread: WTB Uberti 1859 Sharps reproduction

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    Default WTB Uberti 1859 Sharps reproduction

    The title says it all,, looking for a Uberti Sharps copy,, anybody got one they want to part with?

    For those that don't know what that is,,, it's a Sharps 4 barrel derringer in 22LR that the barrel slides forward on to recharge it,, there cute little brass frame, birds head gripped, spur triggered little buggers. I've missed a couple in the past and would like to find one. I'm trying to get together a complement of guns for a "cowboy shoot" we got coming up this spring at a local club. I got invited to it by a bud of mine that does them and it looks like fun to me. I've got my octagon barrel 44 Marlin lever gun, a Colt SA copy , a Remington derringer copy, only thing I need now to be able to put on a good showing would be the Sharps and a Browning 1897 copy lever shotgun,, and some 1800's looking western cloths,,,,,then I'll be geared properly.

    I might be getting into something else new,,, just what I need ,,,,, another,,,, expensive hobby!!!!! GEZZZZ!!!
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