5.56 to 7.62x25 rough cut conversion jig
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Thread: 5.56 to 7.62x25 rough cut conversion jig

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    Default 5.56 to 7.62x25 rough cut conversion jig

    OK I made a small batch of jigs to help you convert .223/5.56 brass to 7.62x25 brass.

    This jig mounts in your harbor freight mini chopsaw ($30-35) and will rough cut your brass to somewhere between 23mm to 28 mm. This will depend on your particular saw and where you adjust it to cut.

    This jig positively locates the brass for consistent length cuts and then AUTOMATICALLY EJECTS IT!

    It is very similar to this jig:

    That is not my video but it is my 300 blackout jig. (the operator is not trying to hurry)

    The main difference between the operation of the x25 jig is you have to have 2 cases in the jig at a time. It is a little slower than the blackout jig which cuts 30-45 cases a minute because of this.

    I hate ppal too but that is the best way for me.

    $45 for a jig and mounting hardware, that includes fees and first class shipping. (If you absolutely wont do ppal then pm me for USPS MO address)

    PPAL to vonzep58(removethis)@yahoo.com

    On about 2% of the saws you may need to buy a bolt from the hardware store as there is a variation that has too big of a mounting hole for the supplied bolts.

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    oops.. just saw that you do in fact sell both.

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