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Thread: Parts kit PPS 43 type project rifle $295 shipped

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    For Sale Parts kit PPS 43 type project rifle $265 shipped

    WTS Parts kit PPS 43 type project rifle $265 shipped

    USPS Postal money order only.

    the bolt has been modified with a ar15 floating firing pin installed for semi auto use only and to fit in the tube seen in the photos a area will need to be cut out for the bolt and for the fcg and mag well. Not sure if the pipe being used would be considered the 80% receiver or what you decide to use to house it like a Ak receiver that is shown in the example photo.

    a trunnion was made and the barrel was pressed into it. The barrel is as is no warranty buyer beware. i had another gun smith ream out the chamber and he left a ring in it which may or may not cause extraction problems . He assured me it would not but the gun smith who made the trunnion and the bolt said it probably will so its free to the buyer your just paying for all the other parts in the kit. the barrel was made from a really nice mosin nagant barrel .

    there is some work to be done with the parts and instructions to finish the bolt and upper receiver group as well as fit it to a ak receiver

    i was going to install a slinding or folding stock and i was going to try using a Hk94 or cetme lower grip frame but as you can see in the photo a ak receiver can be used

    Here is the kit that you would be buying i don't have all the stock parts but it could be welded on or you could if your handy make a part to make it work .

    here is one way to build if using a AK receiver to house the fire control group

    I was going to use either a cetme or SW hk type lower instead of the AK receiver. you could also probably fit a ar15 or folding stock to this .

    with the cost of 7.62x25 gone up and lack of time to do it i gave up . but should make a fun and interesting project . and you could at some point replace the barrel with a 9mm
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    Cool project lefty. I built a similar frankengun creation in 9mm. Very similar, except I built it as a pistol.
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    JungP here on was doing these type of builds. he is who did the trunnion and bolt modifications as well as the instructions , you could do a search for him on gunco but i did not find too much info from him on there.

    a retired gun smith out of FL chambered the barrel .

    Jungp made some complete rifles like this using the ak receiver . he once had video of him and his wife shooting it but has long since removed it .

    Its based off the PPS43 design but using the pipe as the upper receiver rather than a PPS-43 receiver

    the pipe is narrower than a original 43 receiver making it impossible to drop in a FA bolt.

    the floating firing pin replaces the slam fire nub on the original this way it wont fire like the FA 43 . It requires a hammer to strike the pin
    like any other semi auto rifle.

    you need to cut and attach a hole for the mag well and the FCG

    a cocking handle need to be installed on the bolt

    a area opened up for fcg and ejection port

    if you have a ak receiver it can house the semi auto FCG and mag well then you just need to fit it to the pipe you will need a US made semi auto FCG to add to 922r part count

    you probably could easily fit a US made AR stock on it for 922r

    and a US charging handle to be installed i think there is one in the kit

    if you use a US receiver that would be another US part

    it uses PPS43 mags which are imported .

    if your the type that has built aks or hk type rifles from flats this is a pretty easy build

    if the best you have done is build a ar15 from a kit maybe not for you. It does require some know how , I would build it myself but then i would not be able to sale it since i would just use a tapco 80% flat.

    the barrel trunnion just plugs into the upper receiver and either weld it in or drill and tap some holding screws

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