Selling a bunch of stuff.

Selling a VERY nice 2008 vintage Emerson Super Karambit. This is the older, more sought after version with the integral G10 backspacer. No visible wear on blade or G10, some minor finish wear (VERY SLIGHT) on the spine of the blade. Never sharpened, has about 17 hours worth of carry.

Emerson is sold out of their current version right now. Asking way less than I paid, $270 shipped, US postal money order only. Thanks!

Next up, selling a very lightly used Troy Industries 13" Bravo Battle Rail in black. This rail has been installed, and seen about 50 rounds. Only detectable wear is on the edges of a few rails, barely detectable on the photos. I would say condition is a good 96%.

This free-float rail will mount to a standard AR barrel nut with a hex wrench. Extremely high quality, very light.

These are $309+ ship new. Asking $170 shipped, US postal money order only.

Next, an unused Kramer Premium Horsehide IWB G19 holster. Color is black, this is literally like new. Asking $120 shipped.

Next up, selling an excellent used condition Killflash ARD (TA91) for the ACOG RCO (fits all similar ACOG models), part number RCOM150, also includes front flip up scope cap (TA90). Asking $25 shipped, normally this pair is $50+ SPFSPFSPF

Also have an excellent used condition delta ring assembly, asking $10 shipped. SPFSPFSPF

Next up is a brand new Jmeck scope mount for the Mosin Nagant (fits round and hex receivers). Literally the best no-drill mount to be had, this is the Steel See-Through (to enable use of the iron sights). These are currently custom made, so get it without the wait. Original price was $94 shipped, asking $79 shipped. Comes with installation instructions.

Last up is the VERY LAST Kirst Speed Latch for Uberti conversion revolvers. This allows you smoother reloads in your cartridge converted Uberti pistols. Asking $30 shipped.