Ammo input before it goes up for sale.
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Thread: Ammo input before it goes up for sale.

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    Default Ammo input before it goes up for sale.

    I have a bunch of ammo that i am going to be getting rid of. Havent bought since 08 or 09 so not really sure what the market is bringing. Evertyhing is reloads from a friend that was passionate and good at it. Not positive on what all components he has in all of them. The first is .308 is LC Match brass, second is .223 is mixed between LC and WCC with 62gn projectile, 3rd (silver mixed brass) and 4th (WCC Brasss) is 9mm Hornady 124 gn XTP defense projectiles, 5th is wcc brass with hollow point, 6th is wcc brass with lead projectiles. This is just the tip of the iceberg lots more to come. Pricing imput would be greatly appretiated.
    1st .308-80rnds,
    2nd .223-1800 rnds
    3rd silver 9mm xtp-1200 rnds
    4th brass 9mm xtp-300 rnds
    5th 9mm hp-150 rnds
    6th 9mm lead-600 rnds
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    as a reloader, I have a general rule and its the rule I express to others "never buy others reloads" especially some one you don't know or from some guy at a gunshow

    my reloading mentor would work up loads for me cause he had dies I did not but he was my reloading mentor

    these reloads in my opinion are worth the compontents and we don't know the powder used!!

    not trying to pan your post
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    I'd also say this would be a tough and heart breaking sale.
    Also not to be a jerk but being realistic.
    The bullets might be identifiable but it could be tough.
    Primers not so much.
    Powder, I wouldn't even want to try that one.
    The rifle brass may be neck sized for a specific bolt action rifle and would require some time consuming work to verify (the 308 round looks like it had a lil' work done on the neck already).
    The 9mm's might be a glocked up.
    A whole lot of variables there and I'm positive I missed a lot of them.
    I say heart breaking because few will make an offer on it and it will be the garage sale type offering a penny on the dollar.
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    Had a "good friend"load some rounds for me in the 70's. Second one blew the extractor out and peppered a buddies forehead with powderburns.not being mean but no thanks.

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    And then there is the " Liability" issue. Do you really want to risk financial ruin if someone gets hurt using these? I don't buy OR sell re-loads.

    Best to use them or bury them. In my opinion.
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    I have to agree with all the above. I shot some 223 reloads a "friend" made for me. He was very fond of "the drink" and I assume he either either double charged the cases or used the wrong powder. It blew my Mini 14 in half and I was picking walnut splinters out of my arm, hand and face for over a week. I still bear a nice scar on my left forearm. I for one will never shoot someone else's reloads again.

    Save yourself some grief and either shoot them yourself or pull the bullets, dump the powder and sell the components.

    Sorry for bad news. Good luck
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