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    Default Looking for words of wisdom...

    Anybody out there doing any AR15 80% lowers????

    I have seen the ones on AR15Plus.com, are they it?

    What methods are used to finish the lower after you are done machining? Paint????

    Please let me know....
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    The ones at AR15Plus seem extremely expensive, though they are specialized metals, so that is probably the reason.

    If you don't have experience using a drill press and taps, you probably shouldn't start making a receiver. Get a drill press and a few taps and experiment working on aluminum block.

    Start here: CNCGUNSMITHING - www.cncguns.com - Home of the AR45

    I have found three major methods of doing the build:
    1. Jig: The jig is somewhat expensive, but this is the most accurate.
    2. Receiver Template: Clamp a 100% receiver to your 80% and drill, not as accurate as the jig, but does get the job done.
    3. Paper: Get a paper template and drill through it.
    4. Eyeball: j/k


    Other links, I have no affiliation with any of these sites.
    Patriot Publications | The works of D.A. Hanks
    80% receiver FAQ
    AR 15 Lower Receiver Complete Kit
    Building an AR from an 80% casting
    AR15.COM :: Forums :: Building the KT-15 - By Secret Gunsmith - For Reference Only
    OSI Gunsmithing Tools
    80% Receiver Sources - Survival Monkey Forums
    AR-15 Receiver Print

    Finally, you shouldn't be selling receivers you make. You are allowed to build them, but manufacturing them for sale is kind of a big no-no to the BATF; remember always be safe, no one wants to wind up in federal-rape-you-in-the-ass-prison. I mentioned that I ordered 8 of them, I want to have enough to practice on; if friends are interested, I'd sell them a blank at cost and help them machine it.
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