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    i have shot the hell out of steel cased ammo. even hornady is making steel cased ammo these days.

    the only real worry i have about russian made ammo is that they often use steel-jacketed bullets which may wear out a "soft" barrel a bit quicker. the rate of twist also has something to do with it. a chrome plated bore 1in 9 inch twist should run a long long time-

    i have been firing com-block ammo for a long long time from the AR-15 platform with very few issues. any AR that won't run it-- needs work.

    i don't see any reason not to use in in the su-16s--esp if they have a chromed bore.

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    I just went to kel-tecs web site and looked at the pistol grip adapter setup. I like it. That was one thing I wanted on my design the kel didnt offer at the time I looked at my buddys dads kel-tec. I still dont know enough about composite receivers to make any judgements about them. Are there any weapons systems that are battle proven that use composite receivers? For civilian use they should be fine.
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    Default KT

    In rugged terrain you a liable to drop your weapon being to heavy, and lose it. Composite there is nothing to corrode, this weapon weighs 5lbs. Could melt at trunnion, AR 15 can melt to. Gas piston helps cool this weapon thats
    how you can use plastic on the receiver. Also, the AR was origianlly desigen as a gas piston weapon. If that gas tube clogs you are FUBRarred. I love chrome my Cetme doesn't have one thats why I half to get a new one from
    Apex. MY Fal has one, my SKS's have one, so does tmy AKM. The Kel Tec
    probably doesn't need a chorme bolt because it is composite. The KT also has a Chrome barrel which will last alot longer than a non line one.

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