I forget what brand the one guy at the range has, but it wouldn't feed Wolf when he bought it and after about 300 rounds of brass it fed the Wolf fine.

Another one was a Bush Master, friends father got it new, it was short stroking with every brand of ammo and everyone told him the same thing about "running a few hundred rounds through it". Now to me that is a stupid answer to that situation when the damn thing didn't function in the first place, oh and that was info from ARF so go figure. He ended up installing a softer recoil spring to get it to function, after a while and at least 500 rounds he tried the original spring again, and it short stroked like it did before.

the question of the day is this? you folks ever see a new AR type that needed a "breaking period of 100 or more rounds" where there was nothing reallywrong with the weapon??
So yes I've seen one that needed to be ran a little to be able to use Wolf. And another that just had a problem that nothing but replacing parts would fix.
To me the AR is a good platform in design but I really don't care for them and don't think they are as great as a lot of people make them out to be. My $.02