MGS has lowers and lower parts kits in!
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Thread: MGS has lowers and lower parts kits in!

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    Default MGS has lowers and lower parts kits in!

    Save $30 if you get a combined kit and lower reciever.

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    Seems like the market on these is starting to come back down. Kits on Gunbroker where going for over $800 and now in the past week they are dropping below $700 for "Buy it Now". I tried to convince a buddy to wait a month and kits should be down even more, but he got one for just under 700, the same kit a week earlier was 750.

    There are 500 million (almost) lower parts kits on G-broker.

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    there are plenty of parts on everything but the barrels--and i got 'lucky" the other day.

    del-ton shipped my 7.62x39 barrel the same day my JSE surplus wilson 5.45 barrel i bought cause i was thinking del-ton would be another month or two on the 7.62-- now i got a barrel glut two barrels for one upper build!

    if your wanting to build an AR/CAR/M4 just shop around and you can still get stuff for about retail of last year. the inflated prices can't hold. i got stung on the 5.45 barrel for $235 when regular AR type 5.56 go for around $150. i am just hoping the inexpensive 5.45 mil-surp ammo will make up for the extra $$ i spent on it in the long run.

    so far the 5.45 swap is working out sweet. details at 11:00!!

    ps JSE has a bunch of DPMS LPK's in stock this weekend for $60each. i think the lower parts kit shortage is about at the end i hope.
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    AIM Surplus also just got in LPKs with some stainless parts. They are a bit more at $79.95

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