JSE-surplus sent me a little sale mail for the 4th weekend.

they have some good deals on ar-15 lowers with the del-ton @ $90 the stags and dpms cut $10 and some very good prices on the YHM lowers.

they have reduced their prices on all AR-15 rifles $50 with one carbine starting at $650--seems like i saw a 308 for $900ish??

all FN rifles by $100

they also have a few barrels, bcgs,lpks and some complete DPMS uppers

with the DPMS complete upper with bolt and CH for $440 it wouldn't be difficult to come up with the rest of the parts to finish it @ JES so it would be the = to a kit i suppose.

now for a trip to the wild side they have some 308 AR type parts lowers and barrels--interestingly that $260 308 barrel that cost just a bit more than my 5.45x39 did!--

i would check out the front page and the sale page.

JSE Surplus