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    Default Fun SP1!

    My buddy got one of the SP1 rifles - complete with COLT bayonet, 2 cleaning kits, 3 mags, and sling for $699 from Century. WOW what a nice rifle! Has that classic look and after about 15 rounds of sighting in, we were making cans dance at the range. Really nice rifle. He added an authentic SP1 pistol grip but everything else is "just right" out of the box.

    Does anyone know who makes the lowers for Century? We couldn't find anything wrong with it and I'm wondering who built these for them.

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    Nodak makes retro AR lowers, or at least they used to. I know nothing beyond that as far as these rifles.

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    Sounds like a nice rifle and seems like a good price.

    I'd have to guess the same as 486, it's a NoDak. Is it marked Century?
    I got an M72 receiver from NoDak and it was marked with the CIA bilboard on the side, he said they were overruns and CIA wouldn't buy them so he offered them to people who asked for that model receiver.
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