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    Postak evil black rifle girls bolt carrier groups

    M16 Bolt and Carrier Assembly

    i picked up one of these the other day for my xm-177e2 semi auto replica.

    i mostly go with LMT,BC,daniel defense, and sometimes de-milled colts and FN made parts on bolt carriers & BCGs when i can find them.

    normally i don't buy carriers that do not advertise who made it. the product info just says USA made. i have many excellent parts from the sister site JSE so i figured these had a good odds on being some decent parts.

    i just guessed it would be either a surplus de-marked colt/FN, a DPMS or a del-ton.

    ordered it from EBR girls over the internet and it arrives in the mail three days later.

    what i got was a plain looking carrier. nothing fancy but usable. no markings except a big "D" on the bolt itself. the carrier looks like any other GI carrier. it has a chrome lined key and colt-like key bolts. the key was lightly staked in the proper way best i could tell. it was clean no evidence of a test firing prior to shipment.

    i didn't even bother to check if it has a 0 ring on the extractor or not.

    checked the head-space with the bolt in the DPMS xm-177 barrel and it looked to be right on the money. pretty easy since i believe DPMS made the bolt!

    popped the new BCG in into my XM-177 replica and ran a few mags of golden bear 63 grain today. no runs no fouls and no error. it ran just like the big boys BCGs in this short barreled pinned on flash hider replica. besides from not being a MPI part it has everything the more expensive ones have.

    looks to be a very good bolt carrier group for a little over $100

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    I like the 9mm AR15. The entire bolt and carrier group is $175.00!

    And, just drop it in the upper.
    M U S I B I K E

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