.22 conv kits and silencers????
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Thread: .22 conv kits and silencers????

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    Default .22 conv kits and silencers????

    Anyone have input on shooting Agula SSS 60gr through a 5.56 barrel 1:9 twist with a can on the end? My 22lr can is threaded 1/2-28 same as an AR. I shot a box of the 60gr subs throgh my buddys conv kit in a S&W carbine and they ran fine. Bullet holes in the paper were nice and round so I should be fine, right?

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    back in the day we used the 22lr kit on the indoor range with the old slow ROT m16a1's. they worked pretty good.

    some have used the kit with 1-9 twist barrels and got spotty accuracy.

    the 60gr loads should help as they are more the correct length for this rate of twist.

    having a can shouldn't affect accuracy much if any at all.

    i haven't used any 22lr kits yet with the 1-9" twist so i can't say, though you should be OK with the 60gr AFAIK .

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