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    That means I need to send 4th a clip or two of blanks so that when that,"Irritable" mood strikes him, he can blast away at the moniter without having the local LEO's call the swat team to get him out of the house to talk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBill View Post
    Hey 4th- Didn't I see on one of your posts that you really DO keep a .45 in front of your monitor? Just in case?
    Dag blasted new fangled picture taking boxes. Wish I never got the damn thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Posthumous View Post
    In Oregon, I picked up a stripped RRA lower ($120), DPMS lower parts kit ($55), buffer tube, buffer and spring ($45), and magpul moe stock set ($65). Thats a total of $285. The assembled lowers I saw on the walls of the stores and shops i visited while bargain hunting were averaging $300-$400. So its not a huge savings, but I personally like that I know where every stupid dissapearing piece and "shoot across the room for no reason" spring and pin is, and how it got there. I had to buy a case of beer for my buddy, who found one of those little brass brads that go in the pivot pins, after it decided it didnt like its position in the universe, and made the choice to make a random E&E from the receiver, to someplace on the carpet 20+ feet away.
    hell dude at least your detent pin was found i had to order another one as these things are " CARPET SOLUBLE"

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