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    Talking could use a little info

    sorta new to the whole ar15 thing here. i just purchased an upper reciever 16 in . barrel . i was wonder if i could use a standard a2 buttstock with standard buffer and spring with my upper reciever? i have heard some setups you need to use a certain buttstock/buffer and spring assembly with certain builds. any help would be much appreciated

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    the rifle "A2" stock buffer and spring should work fine with the 16" set up.

    what you don't want to do is use a rifle buffer in a CAR type stock, that is a big no-no!

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    Complete uppers and complete lowers interchange nicely.

    You have to be careful when you assemble parts into an upper or lower, then you need to pay attention and get some sage advise.

    Most importantly, if you are looking at buying a kit to assemble yourself, and you have a choice between a $400~ish kit, and a $600~ish kit, reach out to the community for advise.

    My partner and I have bought and assembled a lot of kits, some cheap, some expensive.

    We have had good luck for the most part, but my partner got a kit that just sucked. We bought 7 other kits from the same vendor with few or no issues. Most of the issues had to do with cheap gas rings or bolt to carrier dimensions. A second kit had a mis-aligned buffer tube.

    Some of these issues are just going to happen no matte what. The thing that you pay some extra bucks for is the customer service after the purchase. I have no axes to grind with any vendors. But there are some vendor that are better to deal with than others if you are not experienced. Vendors I can recommend without hesitation are:

    1. Bushmaster
    2. Del-Ton
    3. DSA Arms
    4. Rock River

    Other Vendors that you may see and hear about:

    1. Blackthorn - AKA
    2. Model 1 Sales
    3. DPMS

    Some may not like how I categorize the vendors. Sorry. I am passing on my experiences as a whole. Some vendors like DPMS have really great quality product, but poor customer service if you are not a dealer. Inevitably, you will have an issue with a part or product. Customer Service is the real insurance policy. PAY ATTENTION TO THE FEEDBACK FROM OTHER FOLKS LIKE YOURSELF!!!!

    Good Luck, and great shooting!
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