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Thread: mall-ninjas and their fricking spiders!

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    Quote Originally Posted by logan09 View Post
    3 new spike's barrels. At least they laser etched under the H/G's. But really, is all of this necessary.

    no it's not necessary. all u need is the caliber & twist rate under the hanguards, nothing more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moleman View Post
    I reparkerized some Garand bolts that had been laser etched with the ser# back in the mid 90's. It was on the top flat of the body and even after a heathy dose of abrasive blasting the ser# could still be seen in the new parkerizing. Not as bad as before, but it didn't color as dark in those spots.

    Pretty soon "lazer etched" will be the new tacticool norm. If your parts aren't etched they are inferior (out of spec!, softer, weaker, prone to breaking). Kinda like MPI isn't just a check for cracks, it somehow changes the properties of steel to make them stronger and better. F-ing ninjas......

    Moleman, you are a freakin' genius! This is exactly why these companies do this. I call them Pecker traks....

    BTW. Vulcan is selling their Carbon Aramid lowers for $30.00 now. I have worked on several of these, and own one. Aside from having to slightly file the trigger hole, they have been perfect. But nobody will touch them because they say Vulcan on them. Thus the price point. This is the best deal going right now.
    Here is the link:|1&cart_id= 8195190.10248

    Check it out.
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