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    Quote Originally Posted by donde View Post
    What they don't tell you is a lot of these guys w/ them on .22's are running Timney triggers. Or you can polish your FCG down and see if that works.

    When I put my .22 conversion in my "go-to" AR(3.10lb trigger pull..Polished, cut springs etc..) I can unload a .22 mag. pretty darn fast. My friend thought I was shooting F/A one

    ^^^That is without the Slidefire stock.^^^

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    Smith & Wesson 15-22 $500
    Bumpfire $350
    Timney Trigger $200

    $1150 for a simulated full auto 22 pricey yeah but about 10% of the cost of a registered NFA 22. Plus you can use the stock on other ARs.

    I don't have one as I have full autos already, but completely understand why someone would want one. I've shot one on a 9mm as well as 5.56 AR and have to say it was a lot of fun.

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