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Thread: PSA 16" M4A1 Carbine. $600

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    what i have found with PSA is that they will have a bargin sale. they last about 24 hours or so. you have to be quick with them. they will only offer up a few items for sale at a time, except for the lower receivers. they will have a few thousand of the and they sell very fast.

    i have built several complete rifles for under $450. they are an easy build. i have not had any problem with any parts yet. the only thing i don't care for is they have there logo on everything that it will fit on.

    i bought several complete extras for my grandsons to build when they get older. keep in mind if you buy a complete kit with lower you will have to pay a federal tax, so don't order everything at the same time.

    vietnam vet 67-68

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgt ron View Post
    what i have found with PSA is that they will have a bargin sale. they last about 24 hours or so.
    This is one thing I don't like. They usually last longer then 24hrs(More like a couple days)

    This was a huge thing when the first started selling AR's. They posted on didn't say how many AR's they were selling etc... Once they sold out of their "Bargain-Priced" run they re-listed them for $100+ more. A bunch of people were pissed and commented about it. Myself included.

    One thing I hate is putting something for sell for XXX amount and seeing how fast it sells. Why not raise the price then

    They've been good though in the AR market. Having some of the best deals out there on quality guns/parts.

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    Nice site and grate prices

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    remember back when AK kits were selling for $49?

    it is all supply and demand/ there was a glut of de-milled ak kits left over from the cold war and they sold for peanuts. till they got scarce.

    same thing with the AR-15 stuff remember those el-cheapo hessee kits that sold for $259??

    PSA probably got some "overruns" at a giveaway price so they passing that along for a quick sale.

    i would not expect to see the good prices to last/ inflation is going to kick in, the parts are going to go up. this is due to the boom-bust nature of the economy.

    remember the panic of 08? anybody and everybody was gearing up to produce ar & AK parts --they could sell all they could get out the door at a very inflated price.

    that led to a glut of stuff after the panic which = to the some what soft prices for AR stuff today.

    less parts will be made due to the soft demand , supply will get short again = higher prices.

    the economy is on a merry-go round. firearms stuff is on that merry=go round too.

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