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Thread: New AR15 hunting upper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coils View Post
    I'm guessing that's $800 for the rifle, which doesn't seem too bad.

    OK I'll let you folks get back on subject

    it is a good set up. i think it was MGI that was making those.

    one of these days i may pick one up and hang it over on the AK side of m lock down racks!

    it does require a special machined carrier that make it sort of an odd duck--but i figure an gunco member could machine that himself with no sweat.

    i don't think the AK mag ar is made anymore. the last one i saw was used for $800 over at guns america. i think when they were sold new the were way more than $800 which is probably why the never really caught on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1biggun View Post
    Sounds great. is there optics on the 20" barreld gun you built for $700?? also what kind of groups are you getting with it with good ammo??? as Irecall I had about $850-$900 in mine bfore scoping it. i also with a considerably more expensive barrel than the Shaw. I have ER shaw barrels on a couple of bolt actions and they shoot very well for a inexpensive barrel. the 7 mauser I have shoots under a inch at 100 Yds.
    It seems that every were I read that the later C products mags seem to work well.

    also i assume that is a .308 bore???? I dont recall ershaw having a .310 blank or other offferings. I could be wrong.

    Not a issue he would be some one Id ask for advice on a AR as well, perticularly a x39. I never wanted this thread to go down this path. I should have stayed with my recomondations on rounds and left the technical ar stuff to thoise who really now. Even at only $700 that knocks a pretty big hole out of a grand. but as mentioned a really good bolt action costs that and there not as much fun.
    Yes, I put a Leupold 3-9x40 on it 200.00 from Optics Planet I also bought a BSA Sweet 223 at the same time and they threw in a Redfield 3-9x40 for 50.00 not bad for a cheap ass like me. I prob have 10 or so scopes but nothing over $300

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