got that $150 chrome lined 1-7" 14.5" off the UPS truck yesterday about closing time.

the barrel was a little dirty and greasy, but after a little clean up it shined up very nicely. the bore and chamber are brightly chromed. it did look to be test fired--

the barrel is marked

"5.56 NATO 1-7

my LMT uppers and my charles daly ironically look to have the exact same stampings-- it looks to have straight pins for the front sight base. the front sight base is not marked "F" but is the correct height --looks the same as the one on the LMT upper--hummm??? head space to 5.56 NATO perfectly with the LMT bolt. i expected no less--

don't know if it is parked UNDER the FSB -- i'll save that one for the true mall-ninjas -

i assembled the upper last night after quickly drilling the barrel for a blind pin job on the FH for an easy and "no NFA required" ---slightly over 16" total length.

the barrel fit tightly in the DSA cardinal forge M4 upper , i was short a gas tube so i had to recycle one from one of my other projects.

a little tight in the gas tube fit , the gas tube was slightly bent and my barrel nut was not 100% indexed with the gas tube hole in the upper. a quick re-torque to align the gas tube hole, a little tweek of the gas tube and it went together perfectly.

i screwed in the front sight post and set it to GI combat height.

slapped in a DTI charging handle and a LMT m-16 style BCG , put on the very nice double heat-shielded handguards that came off my charles daily upper when i replaced them with a quad rail set up--

i put on a bushmaster carry handle , oiled everything up pretty good checked the fit of everything double.

took it to the range today fired a couple or three 30s and one 40 round mag , mostly "trash" russian ammo wolf 63gr some brown bear 63 and 55, a few wolf 75gr some of my loads including some of my home brewed 262 forgery ammo.

point of impact was a couple inches low @ 30M not bad for a GI bore-sight to combat zero --didn't even have to adjust the sights to make it hit the targets. windage dead on target.

just goofing around with the early march winds gusting from every direction today it was tearing dime sized holes where the 12 shot groups landed. and i was not really trying to get good prints. i was testing function mostly. i didn't bother to test it at longer ranges . i feel it will be adequately accurate as far as a 14.5" can reasonably shoot with good ammo--

the lower is one of those blem DSA's i bought last year for $60. it has a commercial m4 type of stock with a standard weight CAR buffer.

it seemed very smooth for a m4, no sign of being over-gassed much, not even with the 75gr wolf or a couple of my hand loads i tossed in the mag.

i think it is going to be a favorite on my AR-15 rack. the bad thing is now i'll want an "Optic" for it and some quad-rails-& free floats and other ninja shit --damn pass that $300 flashlight! LOL!

PS nary a hiccup ==it gobbled up that cheap ammo and was asking for more--- this is also as close as i get to a non "franken gun" as it is mostly DSA 's hardware.