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Thread: old 9mm C-products mag fixes

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    Talking old 9mm C-products mag fixes

    i am very new to the 9mm blow back ar 15s

    the day before the panic i picked up a CMMG 9mm lower for my dedicated 9mm build.

    before i started on the project i bought 6 used 9mm c-products 32 round mags. there the old mags with the black followers, with the slick black finish. they appeared to be hardly used.

    three of the mags worked good for a while and the other three would work well with around 20 or so rounds but the springs were very stiff, think like a bear trap stiff--

    after firing a number of rounds the three "good" c-products mags started getting very stiff as well.

    so i looked over at those mall-ninja places, they all said the older c-products mags were junk in 9mm, the newer ones were better but not as good as UZI or metalform/colt 9mm mags.

    the other day JSE had a few ASC 9mm mags in stock so i ordered a few of um.

    they have orange followers and the square springs.

    the old mags have the long black follower and the very strong round spring.

    i took some careful specs of the inside diam of the followers , length and so on. then i took two of the black followers and cut them down to the exact size and shape of the new orange followers from the new mags, then re-assembled the old mags.

    on testing ONE of the old mags with the re-shaped follower worked perfectly. the other still got tight around the 20+ round mark.

    i then gave the inside of the mag body a close look.--what i found was it had a few rough spots caused by the shiny black finish, so i took a 400 grit piece of sandpaper and polished down the rough spots on the inside of the mag.

    and presto they now work as well as the new mags.

    i then thought i wonder of all that follower re-work is really necessary? besides it is taking all day.

    so i just sanded down the rough places inside the three remaining mags --leaving the old black followers as is.

    and they worked just as well!

    so if you got some problems with a 9mm ar mag a slight de-burr and through cleaning followed by a nice bit of lube will do wonders.

    after the slight re-work their smooth feeding , the spring pressure is very nearly perfectly constant from 32 rounds down to one--

    so far all the mags i have in 9mm work about the same, the cleaned up and well oiled old unreliable c-products seem to run very well indeed.
    i figure the mall ninjas when their mags got dirty and sticky wanted to blame the mag and skip the PM-- we all know how real ninjas hate work--LOL!

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    UZI mags are no fun to load without a LULA loader.
    M U S I B I K E

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    yea--the old mags must have used ex-bear trap springs--

    the new mags are a little lighter on the spring but still "overkill"

    it takes some strong thumbs to load either-- with out a loader that is.

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    In the past I almost always considered mags to be disposable...they worked or not. And if not I got rid of them.

    But now, with the panic shortages+panic prices I am definitely re-thinking that. Well done on re-engineering those!
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