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    Default pre-panic low dollar ar-15 build-

    how cheap could one build a reliable ar-15 for before the great obamma panic of 2013?

    lets add up some parts

    lower PSA/DSA or AA blem $60 + 8 shipping

    m4 stock kit from SMG $27

    m4 barrel from SMG $80

    a-3 flat top upper from SARCO $59 shipped, split washer $1

    JSE lower parts kit bulk pack $49.00 forward assist kit $9.00 port door kit $7.00 , a-1 flash hider $6 , gas tube $10, gas block $16, barrel nut $7

    standard m16 bolt carrier $119 , standard m4 hand-guards $10.00

    charging handle $14 --

    what are we looking at about $480 + shipping ?? SMG and SARCO you get free shipping via a discount code or being above $50 --

    JSE shipping would be under $20 all new parts for everything.

    and i have built a few for even less toss in a mil surplus upper and stock-use a left over pulled fsb/gas block---LOL

    with the used parts i have seen AR-15s for less than $400 and they ran just like the big $$ ones.

    just look what they are going for today??----

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    I picked up a complete M-16 a1 upper out of a armoury in the midwest with bolt and carrier for $ 300 last year, lower parts kit for under $50., fixed A1 stock , buffer tube, buffer and spring off AR-15 com for $40 with trap door, old grade 2 80% tannery cast lower for $25

    works just fine
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    yeah i was pretty close to that...

    $325 complete m4 carbine kit
    $99 complete lower/stock kit from OMNI

    so around $424... couldnt touch if for that now.
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    just finished a pistol build a few weeks ago
    lower $100
    upper $60
    Barrel $150
    Bolt and carrier $80
    handguard $35
    buffer/tube $45

    Everything was purchased after the frenzy except the upper/lower and barrel. I just ordered things when I found them for reasonable prices. I was in no rush. I wasn't part of the frenzy, it just happened to be when I wanted to build it.

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    $484 for an M4 clone. Have three of them. Other than replacing gas rings with the spiral style, no issues at all, and good to go out to 400 yards with iron sights.

    I'm in the process of piecing together a very lightweight AR. I figure the end cost will be about $466. Aramid Carbon Fiber lower, matching Carbon upper, fluted skinny barrel, and NO gas system.

    Why you may ask? Kalifornia. I want a truck gun. This can be easily fitted with either a gas tube or a piston kit (not sure which yet) to restore it to a semi. Mean while, IF I get pulled over and searched they can't do anything about it. Also defeats all evil feature laws out here.

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