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Kinda what I thought on the buffers. I shoot mostly 62's and 69 grainers, from the Bushmaster and the Sig both seem to like those pretty well,, 1 in 9 twist in both. I did a reloading session recently , and loading up a series of rounds with 62 gr V-max's and different charges at .2 grain intervals just to see which load works best in each gun.
I haven't had a chance to try them out yet with winter still hanging in, but when it breaks I'll go try them out. I've still got to work up a load for the Zastava bolt gun I got too. I have no idea the twist on that one ,, so it will be trial and error. It does seem to do pretty well with the Silver Bear 62 SP's though,,, and there nothing special. It really seems to like the Lake City 62 grain green tips though and I get real good consistent groups with that stuff from both guns.

Hell ,, you know how I am , j427x,, I always got to try to make things better,,, no matter how good something is to start with,,, just me,,,,Thanks for the info on the buffers.

you know one in nine inch twist in a bushmaster is really 1-8.75"

i shoot heavy hornady match 75 grain bullets out of the 1 -9" barrels from 11.5" to 20"

though i don't have all brands and makes of barrels to me it seems most 1-9" barrels can run up to 77gr length bullets and still be stable.

the shorter the barrel the more likely the bullet will become unstable.

even the rather short 11.5" so far has keep the stable enough to be accurate out to its max range of 200+ m -- "knock on wood"

the 69 gr bullets seem to be the favorite of the 1-9" shooters --some barrels like it better and group tighter with it than the 75-77s