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    Talking as predicted

    as predicted --

    now that the 'crunch' is in full swing --

    the mall ninjas who thought all "steel cased ammo is crap" have changed their tune.

    i wounder how many colts who are 'built for battle" and not a range toy are getting their gas ports opened up to run that crap wolf/tula right now?


    you don't see the ninjas pulling out that "god chart" much anymore either , or saying they shoot 40,000 rounds a year on training--LOL

    an el-cheapo SMG barrel and model 1 bolt can probably shoot all the ammo they got and then some and not even be worn--

    i think our colt m4s got their barrels pulled @ around 6,000-7,000 rounds mostly due to throat erosion . we had quite a few of those MPI colt "god bolts" snap too.

    at that time it seemed that colt was making the bolts extra hard to meet some obscure 50,000 round wear rule for m193. that didn't go over all that well in the m4s firing mode "0"--

    so we rotated bolts and barrels like you change oil in your PU.

    don't ever tell a ninja that though or you'll be banned for 'dissing' the god chart--LOL!

    one mystery about the old ar/m16 to me is why some of them will run with that small .063 gas port and low pressure wold/tula ammo and others with the exact same set up need a bit more port.

    my lmt 16" needed a tiny bit more, the LMT 14.5" no problem with the .063, i don't know what the DSA 14.5" has--but whatever it is --it sure runs good.

    all the ninjas want you to know that if you open up a colt .063 port to a .078 to get it to run--you have just 'bubbaed up" that colt and are now an outcast--LOL

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    I run steel cased ammo only in my ar though my ar is a 5.45 lol

    Edit: for the couple months I had a colt barrel on mine it ran wolf perfectly with the original gas hole. It was a pencil profile 1 in 7 16inch barrel
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    I've seen a few AR's and never seen a colt not run.. but I've seen lots of clones not run.. I don't run wolf in the AR, but I will run it in a AK anytime.. I guess the M-4 was after my time.. but the A2 rifle was a dam good rifle.. if I had to go to combat I'd rather have the A2/A4 anyday.. I'd rather have the 55 grain ammo for personal also.. I've seen a few bolt break also mostly at the cam pin hole.. and a lot of it due to running the old wolf.. with a Laquer coating.. from what I've seen it is mostly when a rifle is shot and the chamber has gotten hot and then the rifle is allowed to cool with a round melted in the chamber,, then the bolt cam pin is stressed.. Army's broken bolt would be a heat treat issue... as only brass case ammo is used.. B2B

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