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Thread: more 80% lowers coming

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    Default more 80% lowers coming

    seems everyday there are more and more companies selling 80% lowers and there is also a strat up buy to help start up a company to make 80% lowers belive there are 4-5 new companies taking orders I don't know about there turn around times
    but today new one popped up on ar-15 .com

    Advanced Rifles – AR15 80% lower receivers

    they seem to be very interesting there approach

    good luck
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    lets hope they have 'realistic' pricing rather than some kind of CTD panic gouging.

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    I took a look at thier site, I hadn't heard of this company before but then again how many gunshops and parts dealers open & close for whatever reason. They charge what I paid for a 80% custom lower. But what I do find interesting and pretty cool is the replacement price if one screws up on finishing thier lower receiver. Hell 40 Bucks to replace a boo-boo you made while finishing the lower is pretty decent, I'll been planning on watching the prices and see where they go, & hopefully its down once Obama & his little mina bird Biden, and his little mocking minions shut the hell up and leave us the hell alone. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon, I need AK kits But I refuse to pay 500 bucks for one when I can purchase one for that in some stores and some a bit more. Id rather build my own than buy from a store. Hell I have bought on two seperate occassions two diffrent rifles, from two diffrent companies, and both were incorrectily head spaced, And Im Lucky My head didnt go into space when I pulled the trigger. but there is no need for alarm, both of these companies are out of Bussiness and have been for quite some time. From what I seen and Read this company so far seems like its worth dealing with , they have a wait time between four to six weeks but due to the current circumstances that is totally understandable, Now if there Was a Company that just did the upper receiver at a good price whith out getting jerked around on delervery times, I was told by one company several diffrent times when my parts would ship and they never did and it was always a diffrent excuse so I canceled the order, So Im still stuck for the moment on some stripped uppers, the one company I was going to purchase from had some decient prices, and they still do, But I will not deal with them, I have this thing about being lied to on what they are waitng for to complete the part. So I figured it would be best to shop else where. now just to find that nich that I have over overlooked somewhere ( and dsa arms is not the one I over looked but at the present I cannot bring myself to tie my funds up for that long! when a company cant even be consistant with thier story on who long it will take and what part they are waiting for....Doc

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