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Thread: best "practical ar-15 scopes under $300?

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    Default best "practical ar-15 scopes under $300?

    back when my mk4 eyeballs were 20-20 , i didn't worry so much about scopes and optics and i laughed at the old fudds out their with there with the 4-16x 55mm $2,000 scopes trying to shoot a white-tale deer @ 100 yards!

    now that i have started to get old all those little injuries to my eyes are taking their toll on me too. i was once death with the old a1 and a2 peep sights , now me and old fudd has got to peer through a scope to hit "the earth'--LOL!

    lucky for us the scope world has sort of turned upside down since i last bought one. there are lots of good scopes out there for very modest prices in the sizes that wont slow down a fast sighting ar-15--

    i guess we will start off in the middle powered scopes . my favorite of the ones i looked at is--

    the vortex diamondback 2-7X -- very good glass and superior field of view. and well below $300 too! like $198 shipped-- only because you can't get the 2-7x viper on sale for $170 no more--LOL!

    the burris, 2-7, nikon,and redfield reveloution , are all very nice glass and any of them would be good picks for the LW ar-15 rifle in the mid range scopes.

    there might be a better scope than the vortex diamond back in this mag range , just of the ones i looked at it was the top contender .

    and i didn't look at every brand of scope in this size and magnification --just the ones that i had heard good things about from other hunters and target shooters.

    when the optisan comes in i'll add in a little info on the low $$ 1-4x24 tacticool optics "china quality"--you got to love it--LOL
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    the optisan came in today. so far it is looking very good. the glass is very clear and bright , came with a decent 30mm offset mount . didn't come with any flip caps though.

    i would say it does look to have a bit better glass than the PA-- it is a bit sharper , and brighter. although the PA is certainly good enough in those areas. on a scale of 1-100 for the $ on glass quality i would say this optisan is a 98 while the PA would be about a 95. while the optisan is the winner it ain't no huge amount that i can tell.

    both have very generous eye boxes and although not stellar eye relief --they seem more than enough eye relief for any ar-15-- hell i might even put on on a 308 bolt gun--LOL

    they look to be the same scope mostly -- the optisan seems a bit stiffer on the adjustments -- the optisans illumination is quite a bit better than the PAs for daylight use but still not full daylight bright. this optisan does not flare much when on full bright and the ilumination does look to be usable after dark on its lowest settings.

    i don't know how you may feel about the mall-ninja ballistic plex with ILL doughnut --it is going to take some time to see if it is a natural like the p4 in the PA--

    the optisan so far is the best looking made in china optics i have seen --- it compares very well against some of the $$$ glass i have looked through. your going to have to spend quite a bit more $ to go better than either of these in the 1-4 big game/tactical scopes.

    only time will tell if this will hold up--but i got a feeling that with anything like normal use it ain't gonna be a problem .


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