been playing around with the 9mm ar-15.

first thing i notices was the AIM free float quad rail got the barrel loose. so i had to pull it down and re-torque it to 75lbs. i bet it don't get loose again--damn aluminum barrel nutz--lol

did that 15 minute trigger job on it --greatly improved the trigger overall. -- i think i did it in 5 minutes, i did skip the polishing part. it would have done better had i polished the trigger and hammer. still much better than stock. this trigger-- a DPMS was gritty out of the box.

i installed a UTG A2 rifle stock on it to test out a full sized rifle buffer. i took the UTG rifle buffer apart and replaced the two hollow parts with two solid parts from a CAR buffer.

i blocked the travel of the bolt back to just what is required by a 9mm by dropping in a piece of PVC pipe joint of the 1/2" size down in the buffer tube.

now here is the kicker i have a 3-9x 40 bushnell scope i had took off my savage bolt gun and a spare ar-15 scope mount. i thought it is going to be horribly over scoped but WHT-- it will be fun anyway.

i bore sighted the scope to the 9mm and didn't even have to make an adjustment on the thing. @ 40 yard you can hit a MARBLE--on my paper target it punched a bulls eye the first second and third shot. all in the same hole with just a slight bit of cloverleaf--

i was shocked to see this and was expecting to see 5" MOA or even worse with the pistol cal carbine set up. i didn't test it @ 100 but it will be interesting to see what it will do.

the full sized rifle buffer makes for a super smooth set up in the 9mm . i haven't shot it enough yet to really tell how the better buffering is helping . the blow-backs are really fiddly with buffers. to me they seem to like the buffer action better than weight. with the rifle buffer you can have weight and buffer action dead-blow . in theory it is a better set up.

that damn oversize scope is staying on the 9mm--it just shoots too good to replace!