just got one of JSEs BCGs in the mail today.

thought i would give a run down of how it looks.

it is a M16 carrier, very thick looking chrome inside, black/ODish park on the outside. the key has big colt style nuts and is properly staked. the key is chromed on the inside

the bolt has a dark finish and is very hard. it has oil stains from being in storage a long time but otherwise it looks good. no markings at all MP-C, D, letters numbers-- or anything.

advertising on the site says mill-spec--

just looking at the carrier , the key and the staking i would say it looks just like a CMT made unit. the bolts i can't say. i figure either their old stock GI replacements for hydramatic made m16s or their del-ton.

for the $$ i ain't going to gripe and see no reason it won't run with everybody else"s BCGs--