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    Default center-point 1.5-6x 44 scope

    now here is a interesting scope.

    while i was cruising natchez hunting for deals i saw a crosman/centerpoint "power-class" 1 TL scope on blowout sale for $69

    it has a 30mm tube, 44mm , fast focus dial, red and green illumination, etched glass, locking turrets, and outwardly it is a rip-off of a very expensive scope brand. i called natchez and they said well if your not hapy with it return it within 15 days of arrival and well refund/ exchange. long as the scope hasn't been mounted/ringed.

    so i thought i would give one a try as i know optisan makes a very good scope much like this for $200, and i was hoping maybe optisan made this centerpoint. leapers also makes a scope that is very similar so i was tossing the dice --hoping it had better than leaper glass.
    there are also a couple other scope like this that are pretty good from china like hawke and falcon and they also go for $200+

    so i thought it was worth a shot.

    so far the scope looks better than expected aside from its huge size of 44mm on the front glass. i had a cheap UTG 30mm offset scope mount and it fit the big scope pretty well.

    on the ar-15 it fit with some room to spare. as per TWAs instructions i had all ready checked the set up for up to 50mm so i had a little room to play with.

    the scope has red and green illumination with 7 clicks of each and a couple soft switches. it seems dimm enough for night time use on the low side and bright enough for daytime use on high settings. it is not a daylight lit red dot like the optisan mamba is . the illumination is just for limited light shooting.

    it seems to have a generous enough eye box with about 3"-3.5" of eye relief. i actually had to move it back some--eye position is a little tight --but not insanely so.

    adjustments click and feel very good on the locking turrets.

    this scope seems set up for the "lower side" of the mag range it is very clear from 1.5 to about 4x at 6x there is a little grain and there is a little roll on the side of the tube.
    the glass is pretty clear and comparable to the diamondback --not quite as good as the diamondback but quite a bit better than any of the clam-pack scopes i have seen.

    pretty close to a low end nikon--and that is pretty good. it is bright and it has decent color.

    compared to the optisan it has better color but sightly less detail. light gathering is seems very good. the optisan glass is better but this centerpoint ain't all that far behind.

    the plex crosshair seems OK with the center of it illuminated. good but better would be a thick german #4
    so far it seems like a pretty good deal--

    of course with scope you never truly know how good bad one is till you have it around for a few years--
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    i just got it off the vice--did a quick bore sight. good solid turrets with positive clicks and , eye relief around 3.5" pretty good eye box.

    head position ain't super critical, glass seems very good up to nearly 5x --from there up there is a bit of roll around the edges, not serious. but this ain't no zeiss or minox either.

    so far it seems like a pretty good scope, very solid with lots of features and pretty good glass. centerpoint is kidding their selves on this being a $200 scope. it should have sold for more like $140.

    i do like it a lot more than some of my other cheap scopes IF it holds up it wasn't a bad deal. and only time will tell on that. a link if you want to give the CP a look--

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