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    Hey Gang: I'm new here, but I have something I wanted to share. Back at the turn of the century I bought a DSA carbine which I have enjoyed very much since then except for the trigger pull - heavy, creepy, etc.

    I worked on it using a hard arkansas stone and achieved a smoother pull but not a lighter pull (please don't call me a "Stoner!") and assumed not much more could be done without changing the sear angles, which you probably know can get a hobbyist into real trouble.

    But recently, I was going back through my January issue of Varmint Hunter Magazine and I spotted a tiny ad for adjustable triggers - an outfit I had never heard of before. That outfit is JARD, INC., and among many other offerings, they list a fully adjustable trigger for (metric) FALs.

    Expensive! $176 plus shipping. I thought long and hard about it, but finally got on their website and sprung for one. When it arrived I pulled the gun apart once more and started the installation. It wasn't that easy (like say installing a Timney in a bolt rifle would be) but by following directions carefully and adjusting even more carefully, I finally got it adjusted and set it aside for the blue Locktite to secure the adjustments.

    I loved the new crisp 3 1/2 # trigger pull with minimal over travel, but when I went up in the hills to try it out it shot beautifully for the first round. I went back home and tore into it again and finally figured out what the problem was. The disconnector was failing to catch the hammer most of the time, so the hammer was following the bolt forward and stopping the fun.

    Much tweaking of the disconnector screw did not produce the desired results so in frustration I E-Mailed Jard and asked for suggestions. Their suggestion was to contact technical support and they gave me Dean's phone number. I called; talked to Dean and he suggested I readjust the gas port per the procedure, as he was pretty sure my problem was that the action was cycling too fast. So, I readjusted to factory manual specs, and this helped a lot but did not completely resolve the problem. By the way, I managed to diagnose the problem, by shooting with the dust cover removed.

    Anyway I called Dean at technical support again, and he said he was mailing me 2 shims (0.015") which were to be installed under the disconnector spring. I was skeptical but I agreed to give it a whirl. Hey, it worked beautifully. Long story short, I cannot say enough about the product quality and their customer service.

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    At $176.00 per set it should be good. Glad you got everything just right,
    and welcome to Gunco.
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    any update on this, are you still pleased with it?

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