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Thread: DSA FAL at AIM

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    Default DSA FAL at AIM

    In case anyone is interested, AIM has a handful of DSA FALs in stock. I just bagged a DSA on an Imbel parts kit. They sold out fast everytime before I could line one up in the past. They had 7 left this morning. Not exactly the style I wanted but is a DSA reciever and no wait either. I figure this will be my Christmas gift to myself and hold me until I manage to get an Argentine and Belgian in my collection.

    DSA Imbel FAL .308 Rifle
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    How about building a Belgian kit on an Imbel receiver that has a very good to excellant barrel. I like building as much as owning or shooting the FAL platform.

    AIM's offerings are great, but they don't offer the building phase that is a part of the deal for me! Other folks should grab one before they are gone!

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