hey everyone i actually joined this forum recently as im building my first ak from a parts kit. Ive been shooting uspsa locally here in Tampa FL for about 8 months now. i shoot an xdm in 9mm with a couple go fast goodies. some i like and some seemed to be a waist of cash. it has a Powder river Precision trigger job down to about 3.5lb a complete wrap of skate tape which i absolutely love and would rather have that then anything else plus its cheap. tungston guide rod (heavy and not sure yet on legality and doesnt really seem to keep muzzle flip down too much) 14lb wolf recoil spring which is a godsend and seems to be the magic number ive never had any malfunctions with this gun, canyon creek mag release. i havent messed with the sights yet but shopping around for red tru glows. i have a couple little comsetic things done but other than that its all stock oh and a polished striker with new striker spring.

all and all this gun is amazing and havent had anyproblems, also you all say its the minority at your local gun clubs at mine its more common than glocks. maybe were just smarter lol jk.