I like to use old pages out of hunting magizines, outdoor life and the like, works well, there's lots of critter pics in them and at 100 yards it's like shooting at the real thing at 500-600 yards, very good pratice. Plus just a good way to pre recycle your magizines! For people tragets most any magizine will work, not as good for pistol, but great for rifle, closer up works fine for pistol as it acts like a longer range shot due to the scale of the page. try it out. Good way to pratice your hold and trigger control for senario shooting, a picture of a crowd works well, pick out one person out of the crowd for the target,it simulates a long range sniping mission with no shoots in the fore ground and all around. And for sure very cheap, the cost of the tape or staples to hang them with,and you'll be surprised how much it will help you tighten up your groups. Word of caution, it can be humbling, you might not be as good a shot as you thought!!!!