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    Default -1 wulf202 (welcher)

    Reference My 1982 Romy G and Bullpup stock add.

    wulf202 posts i'll take it. I sent him a pm yesterday after he didn't contact me, and an email today. his reply was, i changed my mind i found one cheaper.

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    Nothing frosts my cookies more than someone who posts an "I'll take it" then doesn't follow through.

    However, and I'm not defending what he did, since I have no knowledge of what transpired between you two off the forum. But, what he posted was, "I'll take the full package if it's available" Which it wasn't, since I had already committed to the BP kit.

    Granted that should have been obvious to him, since I had already posted an unencumbered "I'll take it" on that, before he posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7.62x39 View Post
    Nothing frosts my cookies...
    ...doesn't carry too much negative weight. Frosting on cookies is a beautiful thing, like those little gingerbread men that only come out at Christmas time...

    Jailbait, bummer on the deal though. You really don't see much of that on here.

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    frost your barrels maby? thats a lil worse than a frosted cookie

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    I cant blame a guy for taking a better deal, however, he should have communicated with you before hand. Giving you the chance to negotiate.
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