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    Default c310pilot.

    Must have been quite a long time ago you worked for Pirate. He has done several builds for me over the years and his work is beyond A+.
    I know Stan personally and I betcha their is more too that little story.
    Their is always three sides too a story. Yours, his and the truth.
    Regarding Dinkys gun. Icarus is correct. A simple couple of bucks confirmation, would have solved this whole problem.
    Does the P.O. steal. Us Vets meds are sent thought the P.O.. Only half of the meds were ever reaching us.
    Now a signature is required, delivery confirmation, on all my meds. Ironically "nothing" has disappeared since.
    Gunny. "Clash of the Titans."
    I dont think Dinky should apologize for a damn thing. Wheres the gun. Too long in delivery.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_Posthumous View Post
    no chance of locking these threads to help prevent more hate and discontent amongst members?

    I see nothing good being posted any further in this. I love drama as much as the next tv watching american, but not here guys.

    my .02
    I think I would have to agree with this statement as well.

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    I am going to lock this thread.
    Naolith has a responsibility to the buyer to properly pack and ship the kit in a timely manner. the buyer sent the $ right away and has a right to expect his goods. $250.00 is not a measley amount of money, and accusing the buyer of being a crook is redicolus

    If the seller sent the item without insuring it it is his responsibility to make good on it if it doesn't get there.

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