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Thread: A+ for Cope's and Misty....

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    sprat finally got a hold of us and the situation has been taken care of.
    Again I am sorry for the delay in taking care of the matter.


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    First let me say I am /was out of town and didn't have my netbook with me to post or check e-mails or check this site or weaponsguide while on the road

    as you all have read I tried three times to contact Copes by Phone and in fact spoke to Misty twice , carman once, with no satisfaction over a good distance of time
    So I commented on this over at Weaponsguild, I did not get a e-mail telling me someone replied to my post(Misty) nor did I receive a PM
    so when I saw the above post I felt compelled to comment

    I received a e-mail from weaponsguild on wednesday this week indicating Misty finally has sent me a PM after reading this post/thread

    after a series of e-mails and PM's, the whole matter has been sorted out, miscommunications all the way around

    I too have had great service from Copes in the recent past and never had a compliant. now that this behind us all I will continue to do business with this company

    4thID vet thank you for your military service, thats all I will say about your comments

    somewhere in Florida
    Sprat and sprat1 are one and the same.

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    Thumbs up

    Yes Sir. Thank you. Glad your problem was resolved.
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