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Thread: + 100 for Sprat

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    Thumbs up + 100 for Sprat

    I sent him a pouch and realy didn't wnt anything in return,but being the gentleman he is he sent me rivits I can allways use.

    We need more honest selfless people like Sprat in our hobby that aren't all about getting over on some one.

    My hats off to you bud!!
    Keep the change-I just want my Country back!!!

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    I agree. Sprat is one of the good guys. We should all try to deal in the same way he does.

    Personal confession: Shooter17 just purchased some gear from me, and sent the Money order as promised. I promised to do the same and send ASAP. I failed. Miserably.....3 days delay. I deserve a shitty bit of feedback.

    I think that Sprat would have found a way to keep his promises. I need to work harder.

    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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    WOW is all I can say

    Thank you Zteknik for the nice thread and to bellson for honorable mention again

    I have been a member here since 2005, I came over from Roderus, and ak-47.com ( now defunct) the ak section on ar-15 .com then got swung over to weaponeer, then followed the folks who started WG. I wish I could say I have been treated as good at WG but thats not the case. I only post on WG when asked a question, weaponeer almost never.
    but I am here almost everyday and about 10 other sites a day lending my experience in building and smithing, which started for me as a boy ( 55 now) if i can be of assistance to anyone ( except the troll here & folks who call me a racist) I will do my best to help regardless if its a young guy on the walther site or a older guy the sig rifle site.

    there are so many great guys here and I wish the talented ones on some of the others sites I mentioned above would become full time members here

    I am very humbled by the kind words posted on the web by a complete stranger 1,100 miles away, (just wondering when 4thId is going to invite me up or over, as I am occasionally in his neighborhood )
    railbuggy as per your PM's hang in there, seems we have both endured health issues and are still able to get up and get on here to help out the like minded ( gettting old sucks)

    Thank you again to everyone and I hope to live up to this great post

    Sprat and sprat1 are one and the same.

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