Talkin' to America: Brady Denials - When the Government Says You Can't Buy a Gun, Wha
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Thread: Talkin' to America: Brady Denials - When the Government Says You Can't Buy a Gun, Wha

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    Postak Talkin' to America: Brady Denials - When the Government Says You Can't Buy a Gun, Wha

    Brady Denials: When the Government Says You Can't Buy a Gun, What Can You Do? - An interview with attorney and author Cindy Hill


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    So long as they DON'T say I cannot own a gun I already have!!!!

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    You should have listened to the lawyer, yes they can come and take your arms if you have been denied. Its something I didn't know.!!!!!!!! If asked ide say talk to my lawyer & hopefully you can get them out of your house before they come back. Never keep all your eggs in the same basket!!!!!!!!!!! Xfrog

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    I was put on probation for a OVI in OHIO in March 07 for one year.( OVI= DUI but you dont have to be legaly drunk,Just the smell of achoal and LEO testamony will convict you)My rights to own guns were suspended.The probation Gestopos raided my home and cleaned out my reloading room.No complete firearms were found but they took everything and left nothing but spilled #7 shot all over my floor.This happend when I was at work.Last March I went to get said property back and many things were missing.I was told that this is all we got buddy.
    SOON-We already lost the war. You are the resistance.

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    Remember the voting stink with Bush/Gore in Florida? Most never thought too much about it because it sounded like the typical ' Yo, you holdin' us down' routine. Well,,, as it turns out alot of people were removed from the registry because of felony convictions. Problem is,,, many were not felons. The burden of proof is on them. How many John Smiths are there in the country? Point is, a GOOD guy named John Smith might be a gun collector in one town. The next town over might have a child molesting murderer that some panty waste judge let out of prison by the name John Smith. An over zealous anti-gun POS bureaucrook wants guns out of the hands of citizens...... OOPS wrong John Smith, I hope he's got the $100 grand to get his ass out of this one. And even if he does, he WON'T get everything back.

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