Bill would allow guns on college campuses
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Thread: Bill would allow guns on college campuses

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    Postak Bill would allow guns on college campuses

    Proposed state legislation would make it legal for some students and faculty to carry handguns on college campuses as a "deterrent" against the wave of college shootings in Baton Rouge and nationwide. State Rep. Ernest Wooten, R-Belle Chasse, is proposing the controversial bill that could arm more people on campuses from dormitories to classrooms.


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    Yes,Let all of the collage kitties carry handgun in and out of classies, but not teachers. We all know that teachers can only teach.

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    They should have been carrying years ago, and we would not have the trouble we have now.
    All it will take is for one krazed gunman to get blown away by other students, and all of the school shootings will come to an end!
    I'm all for it.

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    College campuses don't make adults lose their sense of what's right and what's wrong.

    The same good, common sense CCW holders have exhibited off college campuses will be brought to bear ON campus.

    We had a recent similar bill in South Dakota pass the House almost unanimously but was killed in Senate committee by a few anti-gun Senators, then killed again in an attempt to bring the bill to the floor, losing by only 3 votes in another partial Senate member vote along party lines.

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