Urgent Call To Action: SB-1130 To Be Heard By Florida Senate Any Day!
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Thread: Urgent Call To Action: SB-1130 To Be Heard By Florida Senate Any Day!

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    Postak Urgent Call To Action: SB-1130 To Be Heard By Florida Senate Any Day!

    Senate Bill 1130 by Senator Durell Peaden (R-Crestview) will be heard on the SENATE FLOOR SOON!For three years we have fought corporate giants and big business bullies. They want ban firearms and prohibit you from parking in publicly accessible parking lots if you have a firearm locked in your car or truck for protection while traveling to and from shopping, work, or where ever your daily routine takes you. This is a WAR for your safety and your firearms freedom. Your right to have a firearm in your locked car or truck when you park in a publicly accessible parking lot is on the line. Whether your firearm rights live or die is NOW up to the Senate.The bill protects your right to have a firearm locked in your vehicle for self-defense and other lawful purposes when it is parked in a publicly accessible business parking lot.It is time to start sending email to ALL members of the Florida Senate to let them know how important this bill is to law-abiding gun owners who carry firearms in their vehicles for protection and other lawful purposes.


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    Bob the problem they will have with this bill is... Who the hell is going to state they have a weapon in there car! Hell i've been pulled over and had some friends in my car.. (at the time I didn't know they did drugs) I had a loaded 9mm under my seat for protection and the cop asked to search. Here's how it all went down though...

    I take a right turn on a red to yellow and about 14 blocks later this cop pulls me over. I even took a few rights and lefts! He says "hey I saw you take that right back there can I see your license ect.. And then I see a white van pull up across the street from us. It had tented windows and was unmarked. My little pucker meter goes through the roof and I'm going OK wtf is going on in my head while remaining cool.. The officer asks me to go back to his car. I sit in the front seat with him while he tells me he could call a drug dog and other stuff and that my friends could drop the drugs in my car and it could be my arrest if they did.

    I told him that my one friend was going into the army and didn't do that stuff and that my other friend was on his best behavior. I told him he wasn't searching my car because he had no probable cause.

    Mind you my two friends I called and still do brothers. We as kids did a lot of dumb shit together and never ended up in prison thank god. (im talking 16 - 20) We made some really big mistakes as a lot of middle class kids with no where to go and nothing to do in a city that doesn't offer stuff for kids. (Springfield IL had 1 place for kids to go and I loved it! The owners name was Steve Brink and he saved me and a lot of other kids from going down the wrong path. The city forced him to close it and ran a street through where the place once was. anyway back to my story.) We had each others backs..

    Well the cop let us go and about a week later I find out those two were into meth and blame my self because I left them and moved to the country. I kept saying if I had just stayed in the city and hung out with them they wouldn't of joined the simon city royals..

    Here is what happend after about 2 weeks.. My one friend gets busted for a meth house that I slept in and didn't know there was meth. He told me he cleaned and being at the time I had no idea about meth I beleaved him. So yeah I spent a night in a meth house heh.. 2 days later they raided his house and he went to prison for about a year then boot camp and came back. My other friend joined the army as a combat engineer and came back too but really distant. They over all despite what people might say are good people and just made some very bad mistakes. I will credit it to being young and open to try new things. Just really DUMB new things. The guy that came back from boot camp is doing ok and as far as I know is clean. (i prey to god every day he is as he is very smart and a good guy who has my back!)

    The other guy that joined the army hung out with after 4 weeks in iraq and they sent him home for a bit and then he returned.. We almost got car jacked while he was home and I was driving my caddy on the bad side of town.. It's funny when your friend is leaning way back as the guy that comes up to your window at a red light and pretends to ask for change after he see's your friend leaning way back in an odd manner.. I had my glock at the ready pretty funny image now..

    Sorry for the long story but I used to have a very interesting and lively life. Now i'm a boring dad haha
    If any punk kid ever comes up to you asking for your `Gang Sign` Tap your chest twice then your forehead once. After doing that only upon a threat do you draw your glock and show him what you meant.


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