Mississippi: Governor Barbour Signs Shooting Range Protection Bill!
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Thread: Mississippi: Governor Barbour Signs Shooting Range Protection Bill!

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    Postak Mississippi: Governor Barbour Signs Shooting Range Protection Bill!

    On Monday, April 1, 2008, Governor Haley Barbour (R) signed House Bill 346. Sponsored by State Representative Warner McBride (D-10) and State Senator Walter Michel (R-25), this measure will ensure that Mississippi's shooting ranges will be protected from local noise and zoning ordinances aimed at shutting them down. It will also guard against lawsuits filed by newcomers who acquire property near an existing range, as long as there has not been a substantial change in the nature of activities at the range (i.e., hours of operation, number of people using the range, or the types of firearms shot at the facility.)


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    That's good news for Mississippi.I live in the DFW TX. It's some what hard to find a good shooting range,so many restrictions, it's not much fun any more.

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    That should be just common sense, but sadly it isn't. I fear the local range I frequent will eventually be shut down because starting about 15 years ago subdivisions began to get built around it. The range has been there since at least the 50's but people that built there house 1/4 mile away (With full knowlege of the range) still take every opportunity to complain about the noise. Heck I even had the sheriffs police called on me about 12 years ago for shooting my M1 Garand at a friends farm. To get the police there the anonomous caller said "someone was shooting a machine gun". After examining my M1 they decided that the caller might have not told the truth, the deputy told me that I probably shouldn't shoot there any more. I let him know that I wasn't braking any laws or ordinances, I was on private unincorperated property and I would be making it a point to come back again the next day and shoot. I actually shot there the next two days all day long.

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