Outrage Of The Week, 04/11/08
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Thread: Outrage Of The Week, 04/11/08

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    Postak Outrage Of The Week, 04/11/08

    This week's outrage comes from North Carolina, where an East Wake High School principal, acting with the support of the area superintendent, stopped the school's Marksmanship Team from participating in a decades-old tournament, less than one day before the competition.


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    I'm here in NC and that just makes me madder n' hell. With sports participation down all over, and now they are taking one away. Just look at the life skills that the kids are missing out on. They are learning discipline, respect, team concepts, emotional discipline(winning/loosing), coping in a structured environment skills, and the list goes on. They should jump for joy that some kids want to give up their free time, beer, pot, and crappy music to spend time with adults and learn about life. Sports teach kids a lot more than dribble and shoot, catch hit and throw.

    When I was a kid and I mean small. My grandpa taught me to how to handle a gun and to shoot. Hell, even the local YMCA had an indoor range in the basement. In which I won several turkeys. I don't even like turkey. He is long gone now and I miss my times with him hunting and fishing to this day.

    Time to quit rambling. People fear that which they do not understand. If they could somehow feel the joy of plinking cans or hitting the bulls eye maybe they would lighten up.
    If you want more gun control, use both hands.

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    Take the time to teach a child about firearms and he will RESPECT them for life....don't take the time and the child has no respect, and we all know what happens then.
    It takes a nation of millions to hold us all back!

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