Bill Forces States To Accept Right-To-Carry Permits
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Thread: Bill Forces States To Accept Right-To-Carry Permits

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    Postak Bill Forces States To Accept Right-To-Carry Permits

    Americans with state-issued concealed weapons permits would be allowed to carry guns wherever they travel in the country under a bill introduced Monday by 3rd District Rep. John Boozman, R-Rogers. The measure would eliminate a mishmash of concealed weapons regulations that vary from state to state, Boozman contends. All states would have to recognize concealed handgun permits from elsewhere.


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    "Florida's standards for concealed carry are so low. Some death row inmates have them." HAAAHHaha. Why hell yah. They got people trying to kill them.
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    id like to see this happen in some form with some uniform regulations.
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    While I am a CCW holder , I believe that the above legislation is unconstitutional. I believe that if one were to read the 10th amendment it would provide the facts that make this bill ill advised on so many fronts.
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    Should be unnecessary. We already have a constitutional right to bear arms. The bill would be a great step toward restoring those rights. Halleluja !

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    When the NRA came up with the "Comprehensive Personal Protection Outside the Home" course, I think they wanted it to be a model for a nationwide CCW permit. It is a good course and probably covers things better than any individual state CCW classes. I know some people won't like this but I'd like to see a little stricter rules on a nationwide permit. Some permit holders around here have the attention span of a pre-schooler...... JMHO

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