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    Virginia`s Crime Commission will study the issue of private sales at gun shows -- but already has made clear it will not issue any legislative recommendations as a result of its findings. That has upset some of the usual suspects in the gun-control wars, including those who favor closing an ostensible loophole. What good, they ask, is a study without recommendations? The question assumes the study would reach the same conclusions they already have. But what good is a study whose outcome is known in advance? An unbiased study very well might refute arguments in favor of tighter restrictions.


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    We spent a lot of time on this one at this year's Legislative session and killed it for this year. Seeing over 400 folks in the Capitol wearing pro-gun buttons (and many carrying) on Lobby Day was impressive. These anti folks can't understand the concept that a private FTF sale is legal no matter where it occurs - be it in the aisle at a gun show, in the parking lot, or in my own living room. They spout statistics like "half the dealers at the gun show don't have licenses." That's correct - you don't need an FFL to sell beef jerky.

    The Commander of the State Police was forced to admit during testimony that they had no idea of how many private sales occurred, and that his numbers were pulled out of thin air.

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