Lead poisoning in condors, venison prompts Idaho conference
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Thread: Lead poisoning in condors, venison prompts Idaho conference

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    Postak Lead poisoning in condors, venison prompts Idaho conference

    The potential risk of lead poisoning from high-velocity bullets, whether to carrion-eating condors in the Grand Canyon or to food bank patrons in the Midwest, is the subject of a scientific conference next week.


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    I am amazed that I have yet to find a bullet that won't leave an exit wound on the deer I harvest, yet these "researchers" use "high-speed lead" bullets that fragment.

    Also, I've eaten venison for years, and while it's been a few years since my body lead levels were checked, I'm running on low-lead. All the venison, bullet casting, target shooting, welding, soldering, you name it and my lead levels were (probably still are) low. I'm still munching on the occasional lead pellet in my goose and pheasant, too. Can't always find'em all

    Finally, how do the California Condor people KNOW that the lead poisoning they claim is hurting the condors comes from lead bullets?

    This is just another way for the control crowd to try and strip us of our 2A rights.

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