Disarming citizens emboldens criminals
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Thread: Disarming citizens emboldens criminals

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    Postak Disarming citizens emboldens criminals

    In a May 6 Times editorial, "Concealed-carry guns have no place on college campuses," readers were told students (faculty, staff, etc.) should not be permitted to carry defensively on a college campus because they`re likely to "make things worse." But this raises a serious question; given that the shootings at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, and even the smaller-scale shooting at a Louisiana technical college took place entirely at the discretion of mass murderers, how can wrenching control of the situation away from them possibly make things worse?


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    well, all of us know thew real truth here. antis and colleges would prefer to pass the expense onto the local police departments and tuition payers by hiring an extensive security force to patrol the campus 24/7.
    this is like going down your throat to scratch your ass!
    ...my wife is a teacher and she has a "resource officer' at her school. pretty much, a rookie cop, fresh out of the academy.let the teachers and admin carry, I say!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's all about control. You'll notice the anti's always bring up that it's insane to allow school kids to carry. And it IS.

    Which is why the legal age for CCW is 21 in most States. School kids would never be carrying if campus' allowed CCW. School ADULTS would.

    And the anti's know it. Still, they keep up the inflammatory rhetoric, calling all of us crazy because (in their words and their words only) we want school kids to carry on campus. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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