Police look to expand pawnshop oversight onto touchy turf
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Thread: Police look to expand pawnshop oversight onto touchy turf

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    Postak Police look to expand pawnshop oversight onto touchy turf

    Cedar Rapids Police Lt. Kenneth Washburn said the department is studying the possibility of requiring the all stores who purchase used firearms to submit lists of used guns they buy and of the people they buy them from, just as the department requires pawnshops to do with everything they buy.


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    The Feds are not supposed to be keeping lists of firearm purchases beyond a small time limit while they do their background checks. That's why the form 4470 or whatever number it is is filled out when you buy a firearm.

    Once again, what more proof is needed to see that the Feds ARE building an Illegal database of gun owners.
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    well, many local and state governments are already blindsiding gun owners like in the District of Columbia. If this stands in the Supreme Court, Philly and Boston are all ready to implement their versions of this Illegal gun ban.
    people like this police chief believe that handguns, not Iran, China, obesity or CRAZY ASS Kim Jong Il is the biggest threat to western civilization.

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