18-year-olds granted gun rights
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Thread: 18-year-olds granted gun rights

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    Postak 18-year-olds granted gun rights

    Youths ages 18 through 20 can possess handguns legally under a South Carolina state Supreme Court ruling issued Monday.


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    I thank it's a OK law, but no way should they have a CWP, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
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    Just why shouldn't a law abiding young adult whom is able to go die for this country not have a CWP or as we call it here a CCW? I believe that a law abiding youth is as capable of reasonable decisions and many times are more level headed than some adults. I have seen to many adults on the sports fields who go completely nuts with no regard for anything but their momentary emotional relief. I would much rather my 20 year old have a CCW than a lot of the adults whom I know , who even though they have never had a felony or other crime of violence (misdemeanor domestic violence). I believe that like alcohol laws, the age issue on concealed weapons do not make a felon, it is the felon who causes the problems. I know that when I am on the range, or in a function when I need a weapon behind me , I can think of only a few people who I would rather have at my back than my daughter, and she is 20.
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